Fans of Local Music Rejoice! The second MOGO Music Festival, a carefully and collaboratively curated music festival, blows up 11 different Portland venues March 3rd & 4th. PRP took the MOGO line up and dug through our archives to put together a list of MOGO artists to help make picking the shows you want to catch even easier!

For exclusive PRP Drop-In Sessions and interviews, click the “PRP” links next to the starred artists’ names.

M O G O  A r t i s t s

March 3rd:

*1,000 Fuegos @ Goodfoot | PRP The Portland Playlist | Website | Bandcamp

*ADDverse Effects @ Doug Fir | PRP Sounds of PDX | PRP Drop-In Session | Website | Bandcamp 

@ Doug Fir | PRP Drop-In Sessions: Jan 2016, Sept 2015, Apr 2015 | Website | Bandcamp

Blossom @ Dante’sSoundcloud

Blue City Diesel @ Ponderosa Lounge | Facebook Website Reverbnation

Brian Odell
 @ The Gemini | Website

*Coco Columbia
 @ Secret Society | PRP Sounds of PDX | Website | Bandcamp

@ White Eagle |  Website | Bandcamp

DJ Pr11me
 @ Dante’s | Facebook 

Elke Robitaille
 @ Alberta Street Pub | Website Reverbnation

Enjoys Things @ Alberta St Pub | Bandcamp

*Falcon Heart
@ The White Eagle | PRP Drop-In Session | Reverbnation

The Fur Coats
 @Alberta Street Pub | Website | Bandcamp

 @ Secret Society |  PRP The Portland Playlist; Sounds of PDXWebsite | Bandcamp

*Goldfoot @ Doug Fir | PRP Drop-In Sessions: Feb 2016, Sept 2015 | Website | Bandcamp

*Haley Johnsen @ Mission TheaterPRP Sounds of PDX; Drop-In Sessions: Nov 2015, May 2015 | Website | Bandcamp 

I$$A @ Dante’s

Jackalope Saints
@ Wild Hare SaloonWebsite | Bandcamp 

*The Junebugs @ The GeminiPRP Interview; The Portland PlaylistWebsite | Bandcamp

*Karyn Ann and The Colin Trio @ White Eagle | PRP Drop-In Session; The Portland Playlist | Karyn Ann Website The Colin Trio Website

KING WHO @Alberta Street Pub | Website | Bandcamp

Korgy & Bass @Secret Society | Facebook

*Lewi Longmire Band @Ponderosa Lounge | PRP Sounds of PDX (link coming soon) | Website | Bandcamp

@Ponderosa LoungeWebsite | Bandcamp

*Maiah Wynne @Alberta Street Pub | PRP Sounds of PDX (link coming soon) | FacebookReverbNation

*Mbrascatu @ Mission TheaterPRP Local SpinsThe Portland Playlist2014 Interview | Website | Bandcamp

Me & Julio (Student Loan Duo) @ Goodfoot

Pretty Gritty @ The Gemini | Website

*Redwood Son @ Star Theater | PRP Drop-In Session; Sounds of PDX | Website | Bandcamp

*Santiam @ White Eagle |  PRP Drop-In Session; Sounds of PDX | Website | Bandcamp

*Sarah Wild @Mission Theater PRP Sounds of PDX | Website | Bandcamp

*Scott Pemberton @ Star Theater | PRP Sounds of PDX; 2013 Interview | Website

*Shane Brown @ Wild Hare Saloon | PRP Drop-In Session | SoundCloud

Sifter @Dante’s

Sparrow @ The White Eagle

Tony Smiley @ Star Theater | Website | Reverbnation

Verbz @ Dante’s | Facebook


March 4th:

*Andrew Paul Woodworth @ Doug Fir | PRP Drop-In Session | Website | Bandcamp

*Arietta Ward @Good Foot | PRP Sounds of PDX (link coming soon!) | Website

Bocha @ Star Theater | Bandcamp

Boxing Day @ White Eagle | Facebook

Brass Tacks with Kory Quinn @ Wild Hare SaloonWebsite | Reverbnation

Cambrian Explosion @ Dante’s | Facebook

Death By Thumb  @ White Eagle | Facebook

Donte Thomas  @ Star Theater | SoundCloud

The Get Ahead @Ponderosa LoungePRP The Portland Playlist: Oct 2016, Aug 2016WebsiteReverbnation

Gifted Gab @Star Theater |  Website | Bandcamp

*Jacob Westfall @ The Gemini | PRP Drop-In Session | Website | Reverbnation

*K. Hahn (Album Release) @ Doug Fir | PRP Sounds of PDX (link coming soon) | YouTube

*Kaiya on the Mountain  @ White Eagle | PRP The Portland Playlist; Sounds of PDX | Website

Lance Kinnaird @ Mission Theater | Website | Reverbnation

Laryssa Birdseye  @ White Eagle | Reverbnation

*LiquidLight @ Dante’s | PRP Drop-In Session | Website | Bandcamp

*Matt Hopper @ Ponderosa Lounge | PRP The Portland Playlist | Website

*Metts Ryan Collins  @Doug Fir | PRP Drop-In Sessions: Sept 2015, Apr 2015Sounds of PDX | Website

*Mic Capes @Star Theater | PRP Sounds of PDX (link coming soon) | Bandcamp | Facebook

Michael BeatZilla Whitmore @Goodfoot | Reverbnation

*Niamh @ White Eagle | PRP Sounds of PDX | Website

Nick B  @ Star Theater | SoundCloud | Facebook

NorthHead @ Mission TheaterFacebook

*Onion the Man @ White EaglePRP Sounds of PDXBandcamp | Facebook

Pynnacles @ Dante’s | BandcampFacebook

The Resolectrics @ Ponderosa Lounge | Bandcamp | Facebook

The Rocktarts @ The Gemini | Facebook | Reverbnation

*Tyler Stenson (Album Release) @ Mission Theater | PRP Drop-In Sessions: Jan 2016; Aug 2015 Pt 2, Aug 2015, April 2015 May 2014; The Portland Playlist; Songs From the Source |Website | Bandcamp

Tyrone Hendrix @Good Foot | Website | Bandcamp

Verbz @ Star Theater | Facebook

Whim Grace @ White Eagle |  Website | Bandcamp

Jason Fellman/J-Fell Presents, photo by Teri Briggs

Jason Fellman/J-Fell Presents, photo by Teri Briggs

The Portland Playlist welcomed Jason Fellman from J-Fell Presents into the studio Wednesday night. If you don’t know who Jason is, you will before the weekend is over because he is THE man behind the MOGO Music Festival. Let me tell you, putting together 70 bands onstage at 12 venues from Portland to Oregon City is no small feat. Fortunately, he had help curating some of the shows and all we can say is Portland’s music scene will be on fire this Friday and Saturday night!

Jason Fellman/J-Fell Presents, photo by Teri Briggs

Jason Fellman/J-Fell Presents, photo by Teri Briggs

Jason put together a terrific playlist for the show which you can listen to by clicking the soundcloud link at the end of this article. The thirteen artists represented are listed in the order of play followed by the date and venue for their show: The Fur Coats (3/3 @ Alberta St. Pub); Sarah Wild (3/3 @Mission Theater); Cambrian Explosion (3/4 @Dante’s); The Jackalope Saints (3/3 @Wild Hare Saloon OC); Tyrone Hendrix (3/4 @Goodfoot); Elke Robitaille (3/3 @Alberta St. Pub, 4:30); Tyler Stenson (3/4 Album Release @Mission Theater); Onion The Man (3/4 Album Release @White Eagle); 1,000 Fuegos (3/3 @Goodfoot, 6:30); Falcon Heart (3/3 @White Eagle, 4:00); Blue City Diesel (3/3 @Ponderosa); Jacob Westfall (3/4 @Gemini); and Pretty Gritty (3/3 @Gemini).


Jason Fellman/J-Fell Presents, photo by Teri Briggs

Jason Fellman/J-Fell Presents, photo by Teri Briggs

We are so excited for this year’s Mogofest and realize it may be difficult to pick just one set of shows to attend. Wherever your music tastes take you this weekend, we guarantee you will have a great time. Be sure and let us know what shows you went to, we would love to hear your thoughts and see some pictures. Thank you for going out to support Portland’s thriving music scene and the venues who host them. Happy listening!


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