Portland’s Playlist: Drop-In-Session with LiquidLight

By | Teri Briggs

Portland’s Playlist keeps on bringing great shows to Portland Radio Project and last Wednesday’s was no exception. Luke and Teri welcomed Anthony Medici and Cory West into the studio for a night of influences centered around debut albums in a nod to their band’s debut album, “Uninitiated,” released November 2015 at Doug Fir Lounge. The second hour of the show featured music off that album.


Photo by Teri Briggs

Their influential debut albums spanned decades from the 70’s to current times with the likes of Swervedriver, The Replacements, Queens of the Stone Age, Pixies, Guided by Voices, American Football, Big Star, Elliott Smith, and MGMT.

PRP’s, Inessa Anderson, spent an afternoon in August talking to the band about the new album, and premiered the album’s title track, http://prp.fm/the-evololution-of-liquidlight/. “Like your music to be melodic, thoughtful and jingle-jangly as well as shred-crazy and powerful? You have come to the right band. LiquidLight does all that.” Vortex Magazine’s, Joanna Cosper, premiered their single, “Get Up/Get Around,” prior to the November release party at Doug Fir Lounge. While their appeal is youthful, they don’t exactly portray themselves as a youthful band in the way this song unfolds. This song “broadens their fan base by catering to those who lived during the days gone by of authentic alternative music and the impressionable Portland youth whose taste is, essentially, yet to be determined.”


Photo by Teri Briggs

They didn’t let any dust collect between releasing their EP, “Reactionary,” and creating this full length album. “The recording of Uninitiated came together quite fast. We wanted to keep our thick guitar sound while stripping down some of the layers we are known to use, to make it punchier and with more attack,” Anthony Medici and bassist Cory West remark. Some of the songs start one way (i.e., the pretty acoustic intro to “Restless Nights”) before launching into a full on rock attack that showcases each of the band member’s respective talents. If you are looking for a solid rock album with hints of metal, this is the one for you.


Photo by Teri Briggs

The Deli Portland Best Emerging Band 2015 Reader’s Poll, named LiquidLight Portland’s “Best Emerging band of 2015,” in the Alt Rock category in a poll voted on by readers and fans, http://portland.thedelimagazine.com/23854/portland-best-2015-readers-poll-results-are. Their music has put them at the top of the charts with “tinges of everything from psych rock to early 2000’s pop punk” in their songs. They will perform in a showcase concert for The Deli with The Love Junkies and The Fur Coats, on Monday, April 4th, at Holocene, http://www.holocene.org/calendar.cfm?cal=holocene&day=2016-04-04&range=1.

They have recently launched their own YouTube channel and are excited to cultivate it and watch their audience grow, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0MysWlE3j1UCiQfIKRPx4A.

LiquidLight is a band that, is constantly seeking new sounds, observing the market, and trying to book shows with a purpose to keep their audience happy and desiring of their shows. Given the mindful nature they approach their music with, this is a band to keep your eye on and your ears listening to.







Vortex Magazine / LiquidLight premiere


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