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Off the Hill:  KPH on PRP

Every 3rd Sunday at 8pm

Off the Hill:  KPH on PRP

KPH is a student run, non-profit, online radio station at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR.

They have joined forces with Portland Radio Project to bring our listeners student driven content the 3rd Sunday of every month at 8pm.

Music, interviews, and so much more…

Here’s the playlist from our most recent show – March 17 2024 – with hosts Alli and Tess (AKA “Twograss”)

Some of the other voices you’ll hear on Off the Hill: KPH on PRP include….

Jackson C. White 

My name is Jackson from San Francisco, and I’ve always loved music. Back home, my dad owns and operates a music venue called Rickshaw Stop, so I have been surrounded by the live music industry my whole life. I grew up going to shows, working and just hanging around the venue. I developed a particular affinity for Indie Rock, as that’s what Rickshaw Stop specializes in. I am so lucky to have such a personal immediate connection with music, I have loved every second of it. I have seen first hand and admired how music is a form of self expression fit for any occasion, how diverse it is, and how it connects people. Music can act as both a relatable reflection of oneself, or a window into a different world and perspective. I believe it really is a universal language. My show will take these themes of “music being a universal language” and explore this thought. I will play and discuss indie music from all over the world, exploring language, culture, and self expression. Most of all, it will be a great time listening to and discovering great songs!

Piper Harmon

My name is Piper McCoy Harmon, and I am a proud Portland native! I love all things music and will rarely have a coherent playlist. My favorite part about playing, listening, and enjoying music is how freaking rad it feels when someone else understands your crazy feelings. My show will be an eclectic mix of old, new, and weird. Prepare to listen to the classics, some funnies, and make sure you have insurance before you experience Piper’s musical whiplash.

Caroline Drew

I’m Caroline Drew, the host and producer of Stumpgrown. Stumpgrown is an interview-based show that features a live session with local bands at Lewis & Clark and in the greater Portland scene. Each week, I invite a different band to share what goes on behind the scenes in their music and their reflections on musicianship, plus a few live tunes.

Alli Sanders

Hi! I’m Alli, a freshman at LC, and an avid Simon and Garfunkel enthusiast. On KPH I host Alli’s Hour – a show where I mostly play whatever music I’ve been into recently, which varies from classic rock to french pop. I also host a history themed show where I talk about American Folk, so sometimes a little history bleeds over to Alli’s Hour. On PRP, I’ll be sharing music I love and of course, some Simon and Garfunkel. It’s gonna be good!