Berahmand is not afraid of commitment! He dropped in this week on the Rock Block to update us on what he’s been doing in the studio and on stage. Even more endearing though, he dropped in as part of his commitment to building and maintaining relationships, to spreading a message of hope, and reaching out to other artists in an effort to forge a community based around the love of music and people. He spoke with great emotion about his current album, the bands he’s currently working with, and the musicians he personally follows.


Commitment to substance – Berahmand speaks from a heart of hope, generosity, and love – always! Musicians generally have a difficult time promoting themselves. He is no exception; however, he will always promote and support others who are of the same hopeful, loving spirit. He took the time to spotlight three local artists, explaining why they are special to him. His kind words drew us all in as we listened to Cooper and the Jam, Whim Grace, and Mosby. These artists are all dear to his heart for different reasons – he encouraged us to look into all their stories, so that we could understand why they are inspirational people.


Commitment to purpose – “everything with intention!” He knows why he does what he does. Berahmand says honestly that he is “putting it all out there” He’s revealing himself to us all, with the idea that we can also engage in the message of love and hope. Sharing what he’s learned and giving us his all – Berahmand is completely open and beautifully transparent on stage and in his recordings. Listeners can feel the emotion and dedication.


Commitment to quality – Berahmand is a skilled producer who plays all of the instruments on his recorded album. He is absolutely intense about each individual sound, as well as the completely balanced project. His album Empress, released this year, is an effort born completely from love. The dedication and commitment behind the album inspired his approach to the production. He took his time, carefully assessing the best way to create the precise sound he wanted…naturally…as organically as possible. This incredible attention to detail has resulted in a weighty, fulfilling sound that urges the listener to move both spiritually and physically.

Berahmand joins Rob Daiker and Emotitron Saturday 9/12/15 at Dante’s for an amazing concert – Portland Radio Project will be in attendance – look for us at the PRP Table…or right in front of the stage, dancing!

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