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Portland’s Playlist #DropInSession with Goldfoot: you’ll feel like dancin

By | Teri Briggs

GF 2

Photo By Teri Briggs

Wednesday night, Portland’s Playlist welcomed Trevor and Joe, from Goldfoot, back into the studio at Portland Radio Project to find out what the band’s been up to since their rousing performance at November’s Mogo Music Festival. Combining the old with the new, Goldfoot fuses musical elements from the past, present, and future with good vibes and danceable beats.

Much has happened for the band in recent months. They opened for Redray Frazier in a sold-out show at The Secret Society, had a taping at PDX Spotlight that will air in April, gave a high energy performance at Star Theater Portland during night two of J-Fell Presents’, Mogo Portland Music Festival, and they found out their song, “Your Love Tonight” was recently featured during a Portland Trail Blazers half-time show.

The first half of the show focused on the band’s musical influences which covered many genres from Incubus, Amy Winehouse, Primus, Pat Benetar, Chromeo, Warren G, Parliament, to Michael Jackson’s, “ Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.”

They have a new EP in the works, with their soon-to-be-released single, “Feel Like Dancing” recorded by Acorn Sound during Mogo. It’s a catchy tune that embodies groove and a heart full of soul; “a fresh dose of funk that targets the booty and alleviates your non-dance symptoms.” It’s one of those songs that will definitely make you want to jump up and dance! To give a bigger sound to their music, the band is adding horns with the addition of two saxophones, and Dan Mahoney on Keys.

GF Cover

Photo By Teri Briggs

The second hour featured Goldfoot’s original material. Because Ruth and Elijah were unable to make it, their music was not performed live. The first track played, “Don’t Waste Time,” is one of the first they “threw together,” but is not one that is performed often. Many of the tracks listened to were also recorded at Mogo, including “On the Floor” described by fans as one that “kinda sounds like Prince.” The official video was cleverly shot and you can watch it on youTube at, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq9a5C2lw_A. “Get it, Get Down” is the one that led to an impromptu choo-choo train procession on the stage during their Mogo performance. When you hear both of these tracks, you may be inclined to agree for it does sound a bit like Prince, AND you just might want to form a train and dance across the floor to the other one.

Goldfoot has a big show coming up at Secret Society that is also a birthday celebration for Ruth, on Friday, February 26th, featuring Quiet Type, La Rivera, and DJ Klavical. http://www.secretsociety.net/event/1060153-secret-society-soul-revue-portland/, https://www.facebook.com/events/927598337295054/.

February 27th, they will be at Bombs Away Café in Corvallis, and

March 16th with ZuhG and another Mogo favorite, ADDverse Effects, at Goodfoot Pub, https://www.facebook.com/events/444085999125088/.

Predominantly using rock, funk, and electronic music, you can also find blues, soul and jazz within their sound. They are firm believers in playing to their fans, so new material is often tested out on their unknowing audience and tweaked to fit fan response. From the tips of their gold toned shoes, to the tops of their carefully coordinated outfits, this is a band that orchestrates an ever-changing dance party for their fans and fellow dancers. It only takes one performance to become a member of the Goldfoot fan club, so grab those dancin shoes and climb aboard!

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