Portland Radio Project


Smart, friendly, local radio

Portland Radio Project is your non-profit community radio station, closely tuned in to PDX. On the dial at 99.1 FM in the heart of Portland and streaming worldwide from any computer or mobile app.

Our mission is to elevate local artists and organizations through streaming, broadcasting and podcasting, engaging new generations of arts lovers and community supporters. Recognizing the historic imbalance of power in broadcasting, we are leaders in the movement toward a more equitable media landscape. 

Equity Work We Are Doing Now

We at Portland Radio Project are a reflection of the diverse community we serve. We actively seek viewpoints from varied sources in our ongoing effort to better culture ourselves, as well as our listeners. We continuously align our organization with increasingly diverse communities in the Portland area and proactively examine every programming decision through a DEI lens to create a stronger, more creative media experience.

Current Projects

Community Voices

Many Roads to Here Podcast

Evolving Drop-In Sessions

Our Formats

Fresh Vibe programming offers listeners a continuous flow of lush sounds, playing dream and electro pop, indie alt, neo soul, shoegaze, and other sounds that fall outside traditionally defined genres. You can listen to Fresh Vibe M-F 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Night Hive programming (all other hours) offers meticulously curated shows from our talented DJs and a fresh mix of new rock, indie, R&B, soul, hip hop, and other genres. Show schedule.

Listener supported, commercial-free ~ a local artist every 15 minutes!

As a 501c3, we operate with the integrity and values of a non-profitseeking financial support from listeners, friends, businesses and foundationsIf your smart, friendly, local business would like to underwrite programming on PRP.fm, please email sponsor@prp.fm

Why Do We Need PRP.fm?

Portland has always been a leader in supporting local arts and culture, showing concern for the environment and planning our future in a deliberate way. Maintaining a vibrant civic life, one where people feel connected, requires open channels of communication. But with media ownership highly concentrated, as it is today, fewer voices are heard and programming often is created from cities far away.

We Listen to Local Voices

By featuring local musicians, reporting on important public service work and partnering with local organizations, we are giving the microphone back to community voices – those of artists, nonprofits and small businesses. And, by inviting high school and college students into the studio for training, we are passing along our community media values to new generations.

We offer Public Service Announcements for your events, and we invite listeners to chat with live announcers on the Talk Board.

Volunteer Powered

Cofounded by professional Portland broadcasters Rebecca WebbInessa Anderson, Sean Marten, Cindy Hanson, Phil Biehl, Leann Warren, Donna Olroyd, and their supporters: Carrie KikelMike JohnsonDan Packard and Joseph Palanuk.

We are powered by the love and commitment from our volunteer music lovers. We welcome folks of all different backgrounds who are willing to lend their skills in furthering PRP’s mission. We provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all volunteers and members of our community. If you would like to get involved, please sign up here.

PRP has been streaming live since October 18, 2013. In partnership with We Make the Media, PRP launched FM service at 99.1 on May 22, 2015.

PRP Honored With Edward R. Murrow Awards

Portland Radio Project has been honored for outstanding achievement with two Edward R. Murrow Awards, the highest honor in electronic journalism. The awards recognize the PRP.fm website and Community Voices series. Read more about the awards here.