Portland Radio Project


Sponsor / Underwriter  Benefits:

Joining Portland Radio Project in our mission has inherent benefits to your business or foundation.   Because we are a communication platform, your support will be recognized publicly and enthusiastically. We will work to customize your messaging to align with your brand and marketing /PR strategy.  Here are a few of the communication tools we can offer:

  • Broadcast and streaming cross promotion
  • Live reads from on-air talent
  • Recorded “pre-roll” announcement that launch as listeners begin a streaming session on PRP
  • Brand recognition with clickable logo across on the PRP website
  • Brand recognition with clickable logo on weekly e-blast to our newsletter subscribers
  • Access and inclusion across PRP social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Opportunities to present and sponsor events depending on your sponsorship package
  • Opportunities to present or support podcasts, underwrite specific programming aligned to issues you value

As a sponsor or underwriter there are other benefits that are more intrinsic to aligning with a nonprofit like PRP:


Our listeners love local music . They avidly support local venues and emerging artists. They are Portland’s culturally curious and enjoy being on the cutting edge of what is new and relevant. As a supporter, your connecting with this audience around something that is deeply important to them and your support for what they support resonates.


Your presence on a local community radio station, and especially PRP creates a very positive impression for your business or foundation. In a city like Portland, people expect more community focused businesses. Customers will support companies that support community, this is especially true in Portland.


PRP has a very loyal audience.  Our time spent listening is much longer than a typical radio station because we keep our programming free of traditional commercials. Heavy commercial clutter is the primary reason listeners change channels or turn the radio off.  The longer someone listens the more frequently they hear your message of support.  Your sponsorship will be highly promoted and our listeners will know that you support local music and community radio.


The Portland Radio Project audience is unique. Our listeners can’t be easily reached on commercial channels, as they seeking out non-commercial media with unique, original and especially local programming.  Our sponsors and underwriters are featured in a uncluttered space and in a robust way.  Your business or foundation will have a high degree of presence with our audience



Shoot us an email at sponsor@prp.fm

Sponsor Benefits