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Onion The Man on Sounds of PDX

By | Jen Emerson

Last Thursday, Onion The Man dropped by to hand out on Sounds of PDX to talk about new music and their upcoming shows. The band has an infectious positivity to their outlook on connecting with a live audience, creating music and the importance of evolution. The members of the band brought in tracks for the PDX Spotlight playlist that highlighted their early and current influences. Some of these artists included Frank Zappa, Kate Bush, Hiatus Kaiyote, and Earth Wind and Fire. During the course of the evening, we had plenty of traffic on the talk board, including the band’s die hard fan, Jason Cyders, who kept us entertained throughout the whole broadcast. Near the end of the show, the members of Onion The Man gave candid and insightful advice to future musicians that you won’t want to miss! Please enjoy Luke Neill and the Sounds of PDX with Onion the Man.

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