Teenagers with parents in the military have a higher risk of suicide when their relatives are deployed multiple times, according to a new study.

University of Southern California researchers found a link between multiple deployments of parents or siblings and … Continue Reading

There’s new gender competition among skylines – and this time it comes to us from the Middle East. The design for Qatar’s new Al-Wakrah World Cup stadium, with its pinkish tinge and large interior opening has gone viral, evoking comparisons … Continue Reading

It’s official: Kshama Sawant,  a socialist, has been elected to Seattle City Council. She advocates a minimum wage of $15 an hour, and a special tax on millionaires.

Although 16-year incumbent Richard Conlin had the support of the local business … Continue Reading

Nearly one-third of Oregon’s prison inmates are sex offenders and about half suffer from some form of mental illness. That information comes from a new report from the Department of Corrections. The report also states that just seven percent … Continue Reading

A remote camera in Vietnam has captured photos of one of the rarest mammals on earth. It is called the saola and scientists believe there could be as few as a couple of dozen in existence and no more than … Continue Reading

Parents all over the world send Greg Pembroke snaps of their toddlers, mid-tantrum, with a caption saying what sparked it. He posts them on his blog, Reasons My Son is Crying. They are the polar opposite of the smug … Continue Reading


Source: Amelia Templeton, EarthFix

Pollution and climate change may be making freshwater algae blooms more toxic, according to a Northwest scientist’s newly published analysis.

Oregon State University researcher Tim Otten’s article in the journal Science concludes that fertilizer pollution, wastewater, … Continue Reading

Cover Oregon

Source: Jordana Gustafson, Oregon Public Broadcasting

According to a research group providing data to Oregon’s new health insurance exchange program, dubbed Cover Oregon, there are more than 30,000 low-income, legal immigrants in Oregon who need insurance. These are uninsured adults … Continue Reading