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Take A Moment of Silence

Friday June 2, join us in a moment of silence.

Trying to explain the explainable. It’s becoming more common today.

Bombs going off in foreign lands, earthquakes and landslides in others. But nothing hits home more than what happened at the Hollywood Transit Center Memorial Day Weekend. Nothing.

All we know is that Ricky Best and Talisein Myrddin Namkai Meche won’t be coming home tonight. They, along with Micah Fletcher, who is still recovering from his wounds, stood up to racial bullying in a way that anyone would be proud of. To honor that, our local transit agency TriMet will observe a Moment Of Silence at noon Friday, June 2. Every TriMet bus, as well as all MAX trains will come to a safe stop to remember the TriMet Heroes. Portland Streetcar and Vancouver’s C-Tran will also take part in the Moment Of Silence. As will Portland Radio Project, at Noon with Jen Em. ~Valerie Ring

Here’s more perspective from a national POV.

Photo credit to  Jim Ryan/ The Oregonian/OregonLive


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