Portland’s piano legend, Tom Grant, joined PRP’s Rebecca Webb and Michele Van Kleef in the studio for a drop-in session to share his new cd, Sipping Beauty. It’s Grant’s second album targeting the New Age market, but his 29th album in his illustrious music career!


New Sounds of Tom Grant


Mostly known for his work in jazz, Tom has changed gears a bit for this record, while keeping some of the smooth sounds of his jazz days. Grant describes it as relaxation music, perhaps inspired by girlfriend, Mary Garvey. Mary is a masseuse, poet, and artist. Garvey did the artwork found on the new album.





The CD release event features an art reception of Mary Garvey’s work at 6:30 on Tuesday, May 23, at Classic Pianos Recital Hall. The live concert kicks off at 7:30 with Tom Grant and recent Oregon Music Hall of Fame Bassist, Dave Captein.