One day we sent a spacecraft out
To study Earth’s magnetosphere
When it had figured that one out
We handed it a new career–

To study comets it would go.
It left Earth’s orbit for the sun’s.
Though that was … Continue Reading

Olympic snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg nailed the first American gold medal at Sochi with a trick no one had ever seen before in official competition–and that he’d never even done before. The Idaho native performed a move officially called a “1620 … Continue Reading

The Canadian Institute of Diversity has launched a video response to Russia’s anti-gay stance, to coincide with the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The video shows two athletes  performing the customary luge starting movement, sliding back-and-forth, before … Continue Reading

Medical examiners are conducting tests to determine the exact cause of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. Hoffman’s friends found him in his New York apartment Sunday when he didn’t show up for a visit with his partner and their children. … Continue Reading

“American Hustle” and “Twelve Years a Slave” took top honors at last night’s Golden Globes, the awards widely perceived as a harbinger of the Oscars.

“Hustle,” a disco-era con artist caper, garnered three Globes: for best picture – and for … Continue Reading

If an apple didn’t turn brown, how would you know how old it is? That’s one question at the heart of the genetically modified apple controversy. And today is the deadline to submit comment to the U.S. Department of Agriculture … Continue Reading

Women are closing the income gap, a new study says. The Pew Research Center is out with a report today that young women Millennials – who’ve been entering the workforce for a decade – are better educated than their mothers … Continue Reading

Should it be illegal for HIV-positive people not to reveal their status to sexual partners? Right now, 32 states say yes, it should be–and they’ve convicted more than 500 people over the last decade.

But new legislation proposed yesterday in … Continue Reading

A snowball fight has led to an unfortunate penalty for a University of Oregon football player: Pharaoh Brown will miss the Alamo Bowl.

Students, exuberant over the snowfall, pelted cars with snowballs Friday – and apparently got carried away.

A … Continue Reading

In response to growing inequality and poverty, Oregon business leaders have called for the state to overhaul its tax policies for low income earners.

According to Oregon Live, this recommendations comes as part of a four-part report by ECONorthwest, which … Continue Reading

Homeless camp Right 2 Dream Too board members meet today to discuss Mayor Charlie Hale’s offer of a new location–indoors. Yesterday, the mayor announced he wants the group to accept a warehouse at Northwest 4th and Hoyt. The city could … Continue Reading

If you’re off the grid, you’re a freeloader. So says the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. The influential conservative group is pushing legislation across the country to weaken clean energy initiatives and penalize individuals who generate their own power. … Continue Reading

Pope Francis has street cred. He told Catholics at a church outside Rome earlier this week he’d been a bar bouncer in his youth. He didn’t say whether it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of … Continue Reading

A man killed in a shark attack off Maui this week was from Stevenson, Washington. Kayak fisherman Patrick Briney was less than three miles off Maui when a shark bit his dangling foot. His kayaking partner got a tourniquet on … Continue Reading

“Is the Amazon drone dating anyone? I could use a bf with a job.” Just one of many snarky posts since yesterday when Twitter blew up with the news that Amazon was tinkering with delivery by drones. Here’s CNN Tech’s Continue Reading

Pie Crust

Every holiday chefs everywhere strive for the perfect pie crust: flaky, tender, tasty. NOT tooth-crackingly tough and flavorless. Over Thanksgiving, Rebecca experimented with the relatively new theory from Cook’s Illustrated, which claims a certain surprise ingredient makes all the difference. … Continue Reading

Even if you could care less about football, you should check out this wildly unlikely last play over the weekend, when Auburn (ranked no. 5) suddenly beat Alabama (ranked no. 1). Alabama was ahead seven points with about two minutes … Continue Reading

The signs are all here. Hints of snow in the forecast. Twinkly lights are going up. From here on out, until the quiet and silence of January, it will be a mad and exciting seasonal rush. So make it be … Continue Reading

What do YOU think? A backlash is underway against the FCC’s proposal to allow in-flight cellphone calls. The Commission said Thursday that it will consider the idea at its December meeting, unleashing a firestorm of criticism.

The union representing flight … Continue Reading

A Vancouver family is celebrating a new home this week – built mostly by high school students. The “Math in Construction” classes at Evergreen and Mountain View High Schools joined forces with Evergreen Habitat for Humanity to measure, cut, and … Continue Reading