Naomi Sparrow and Rob Stroup leave no doubt that everything they do in their separate and together lives has an incredible depth of meaning. And we are the beneficiaries of their passion for writing and creating music.




The big questions of life keep popping up. Especially when it comes to the innately thoughtful people that are Rob and Naomi. Who hasn’t asked that question and posed hopes of being in the right place, and the right time, and a sense of belonging ..somewhere?


Naomi and Joe


The stage is their “sacred space” as Naomi puts it in the conversation with Joe. And that “stage” can be anywhere, at any time.  But there’s a plan in place to downsize their lifestyle in service to their artistic pursuits. Not an easy choice to make. Tears were shed. Mental adjustments made. And now the move is on. But not before some final get-togethers with favorite fellow musicians, friends and fans are set in place. See links below for more details of the musical gatherings.





There are many shows left to share before departure. Including that CAMPING CONCERT August 25-27 at Dundee Lodge.

Moody Little Sister

Naomi Sparrow

Rob Stroup