Blues music promoter Cherie Robbins and Cascade Blues Association’s president Greg Slim Lively Johnson sat in with Saturday Joe for a special two-hour Blues segment ahead of a busy summer of festivals and shows. Be in the know!





From top L-R : Julie Amici, Dean Mueller, Greg, Cherie.

Memorial Day serves as a gateway into the summer season. In Portland, it means music festivals come to life! We link you up to the many mentioned in this special Blues Music Show segment with our guest hosts Cherie Robbins, and Greg Slim Lively Johnson. And much like Joe Barrett says in the conversations below, you will learn a lot.


L-R: Greg and Joe


Greg and Cherie’s philosophy on keeping the Blues (really any music or art form) alive is that we all need to bring in the younger generation. Sure. Introduction to the roots of it are important, but stir the fires and teach the forms. Move it forward!  In Part Two of this Guest Host segment, you will hear Dean Mueller offer up many options for teaching/learning workshops this summer. He is a firm believer in them.


Enjoy the show segments and check out the playlist Cherie and Gary devised. Posted at bottom of the page.




Dean Mueller



Kivett Bednar up to shenanigans




Cherie Robbins


Greg Slim Lively Johnson


Kivett Bednar


Dean Mueller


Cascade Blues Association


Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival


Centrum Blues Festival Workshop


Many of these images come to us courtesy of Teri Briggs.