Dylan Martell, Erin Corzine, and Rayson Gordon joined Tasty Tuesday and Steven for some sweet early-morning music making and to chat up the new EP, due in the Fall. Busy summer for this Colton quintet.


Cedar Teeth, A Labor

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Unexpected to have a Drop-In guest cut right to the creative chase. Shannon says she is a “soul, searching for grace”.  All of us can take that in, after a few breaths in. A few breaths out. A wonderful gift … Continue Reading

We all know that person who can create delicious recipes and cook like nobody’s business. You might even have told them they should be selling their food directly to the public. They might even be offering their wonderful wares on … Continue Reading

Bryan Sebok, the director and writer of “Food Truck: The Movie,” himself refers to the film as; “the definitive film about food trucks.” We know Bryan is quite proud of the film, but his assessment is accurate. The … Continue Reading

A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, is closing out a brilliant 2015-2016 Season at Portland Center Stage. And as we’ve come to expect, with it comes a high level of artistic, creative, and daring twists and … Continue Reading

Anyone can tell you, the sound of music  is a conversation. When Mark and Eric met at a guitar festival, they knew they had much in common. From there? Guitars were their “lingua franca”.  And so was born the Acoustic … Continue Reading

The pioneers who journeyed the Oregon Trail set an example whose spirit continues to this day. Rose City Waffles may have opened in April of 2016 but that is not when the cart began its journey. Melody Lydy is one … Continue Reading

It was a visit to a Burmese restaurant in San Francisco that started Tommy Schopp’s (pronounced: shòp) adventure. He so enjoyed the experience, it inspired him to try and recreate the dish in his own kitchen back home in Portland.… Continue Reading

The music? Fresh, vibrant and unexpected as all outdoors, here in Oregon. And songs vibed out throughout with consideration to our Portland and Oregon-specific culture, neighborhoods and friends. That’s Santiam.



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How can you go wrong when cooking your favorite food is the way you earn your living? Especially when burgers are the food you most enjoy. For Tony Kenaston of the T-N-T Grillin’ food cart, it’s the perfect combination of … Continue Reading

We’ve followed Vancouver, USA artist Justin Klump for years. But since his move to Nashville, Justin’s been doing it on his own terms. A new self-titled album just released, is part of that hard-won career path.



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Katelyn describes herself as: ” …a musician, American born, but internationally formed”. Where could that conversation possibly go from there? O! Everywhere. As it did, indeed.






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It’s an acronym, SHEL.  Four creative and such talented sisters. One doesn’t know where to look next when they are in the house. Sarah, Hannah, Eva, and Liza. So happy to make your acquaintance.




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If you think you’ve mined all the rich veins of music in Portland, in all multitudes of vibes, from folkie songwriting, countrified Americana, to hard rock and punk to hip-hop and EDM, here comes someone who may be new to … Continue Reading

Inviting you to enjoy our occasional look back through the ever-growing archives and searching for random, but amazing, guest sessions. Come back with us to December 5, 2014 and enjoy the ever unpredictable Jane Siberry.


Throwback to a Drop-In

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When the spectral horde visits Portland during a wild hunt (or to be extras on “Grimm”), they make a special effort to visit their favorite food cart, The Wild Hunt (which is the namesake of their nocturnal raves). … Continue Reading

Fine, fine backstories on all of our trio. But yes. “Logger’s daughter” figures prominently into their story. But in beautifully unpredictable ways. As always, many shared memories and laughter in our conversation. And, excellent live playing in the studio.

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Having to make the transition from owning and running a popular restaurant and blues club to owing a food cart may seem like an easy thing. A lot less to do, right? Far from it. In a restaurant, you have … Continue Reading

Even though we’ve all had, or will have, various jobs throughout our lives, one thing we all look for, and wish for, is the job that is the best fit. With the Magpie Bakery, Magdaline Sebesta has found the … Continue Reading

For a food cart whose concept is based upon the ‘slow food’ movement, things for Tortoise + Hare have been happening very quickly. Bri Richards and her husband escaped the state who-shall-not-be-named and made their pilgrimage to Portland with a … Continue Reading