Writing songs. Telling lyrical stories. Playing guitars. For the sheer joy of making music. That sums up the many parts of Blitzen Trapper. And now there’s a rock musical named after one of their songs.


Wild and Reckless


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Robert Parish and I had the distinct honor and privilege to sit in on a rehearsal for this not unusual direction for Blitzen Trapper.


BT Rehearsal 1


Eric Earley and the band have weaved together songs from the band’s catalog along with new creations. Typical for them, they explore every genre that can be dreamed up and played. On display in the rock musical is a blend of straight ahead rock. As Eric tells us, it IS rock and roll. And because of that, there’s a simplicity that allows this song and story concert to work in a powerful and wonderfully messy way. As is the way of rock n’ roll.


Check out our entire conversation with Eric.

BT Rehearsal 4






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Eric Early 1

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