Over many years of cultivating a personal style with fiddle, guitar, voice and as songwriter, side player and with her own band, emerges Bones Will Last, Kathryn’s fourth full-length album.






Kathryn has such a lovely lust for life, which shows up in her laugh, her embrace of the world in all its joys and follies. As you will hear in our conversation, there’s lots of joy, laughter and serious discussion on the metaphors of living, and making and sharing music.




Kathryn has played as side-person and traveled the globe and the Northwest with her own band that includes Zak Borden on mandolin, Allen Hunter on upright bass, and Don Henson on piano. Kathryn handles the fiddle, vocals, guitar, vocals and songwriting.

L-R Don Henson, Allen Hunter, Kathryn, Zak Borden. Photo: Miri Stebivka

L-R Don Henson, Allen Hunter, Kathryn, Zak Borden. Photo: Miri Stebivka


Bones Will Last speaks to the themes of loss, mortality, transformation and love, both on a grand and essential scale. Kathryn tells us “bones” is used metaphorically, in the sense of creative works, of our hearts, and all the essential things after everything has gone. That naturally led Saturday Joe and me into some pretty wonderful conversations and concepts and ideas together with Kathryn on this Saturday morning.





The album CD version has been released already, but now it is time for the vinyl release of Bones Will Last. Details on the release party on 3/23/2017, are below.





Vinyl release party 3/23/2017 at Turn! Turn! Turn. Details HERE.


Miri Stebivka-photographer