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Drop-In Session with Portland Cello Project and Saeeda Wright

Members of the all-star Portland Cello Project Skip vonKuske and Diane Chaplin along with longtime collaborator Saeeda Wright joined Cyrus Nabipoor for our latest PRP Drop-In Session.  It was good times all the way around….

PCP takes the cello places you wouldn’t expect to see it and performs music you wouldn’t expect to hear. We got the scoop on how PCP transforms pop and rock tunes into cello arrangements and yet keeps the essence of the original song SO present.

Saeeda, Diane and Skip dove into what kept them busy this past year – each one of these talented folks has their own musical endeavors outside of PCP – and what’s on the hopeful horizon as live shows become a reality again.

PCP is gearing up for their Extreme Cello Summer Dance Party Extravaganza at The Lot at Zidell Yards on Sunday July 18th.   In addition to Saeeda, PCP will be joined by JANE, Steven Bak and Patti King.   As of the posting of this blog, there were still a few pods left to see PCP live at The Lot.  Don’t wait…grab tickets now!

Listen to the interview below:

To hear the full versions of PCP’s incredible Prince covers and a whole lot more, check out PCP’s YouTube channel here.


Host, Engineer and Editor – Cyrus Nabipoor

Producer – Veronica Bisesti


~Drop-In Sessions are funded by the Autzen and Collins Foundations~


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