Wishing you had more trees and birds on your property?

These warm spring months are a perfect time to plant trees, native plants, and shrubs that attract new birds to your yard!

While contemplating which trees and plants to add … Continue Reading

bee baseline project

Is there hope for the honey bee?

With media circulating reports of Colony Collapse Disorder, mysterious mass die-offs and parasite problems, some days is seems that our little pollinator friends are doomed. It’s a serious issue for most ecosystems and … Continue Reading

food garden growing

The folks at Growing Gardens believe that good hearts, green thumbs, fresh food and happy, healthy people all go hand-in-hand.

A Portland-based nonprofit, their mission is simply to help people grow food – be that through community gardens, backyard plots, … Continue Reading

Circle of Friends Photo

Do you order a summer produce basket? It’s so Portland: local and organic. Just ask Circle of Friends Farm.

Austin Moline, gentleman farmer, captured the kohlrabi moment:

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Peggy's Garden

Some people are born with it.  Growing things. Crafting and sewing things. Getting results. Peggy La Point is one of those dedicated women. I hightail it to her bungalow in Southeast Portland for a closer look at how the garden … Continue Reading