Carp O’ Diem

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Fertile Ground 2015 is a 11-day arts festival that will be held January 22 through February 1 in Portland, Oregon. This city-wide festival is focused on new work in the Arts. It will feature world premiere projects, staged readings, developing … Continue Reading

So I was working out at the gym one morning and on TV I see a story about when people are most likely to run red lights. Apparently you’re most likely to run a red light between one to five … Continue Reading

Officer David McCarthy and Officer Matthew Huspek

It sure seems like we get a lot of reports of police mistreatment of the mentally ill or people of color. Now last month we got the news that we have to be vigilant about how officers treat little kids, … Continue Reading

It was ninety-one degrees here in Portland last Wednesday. Now I really feel like a slacker for not getting my peas in, especially since according to the new USDA growing guide, Portland just got bumped from zone 7 to Continue Reading

I’m not a grammar grouch.  Okay, I am a grammar grouch.  And I’ve got just one grammar-related thing to say.

I’ve been waiting for somebody, Noam Chomsky or the President, SOMEBODY, to make an announcement, but apparently they’re not going … Continue Reading

Well, sports fans, I don’t have a Carp today.  Today I have a Swish.  Three points!

Last week the big news was the release of a recording of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling his girlfriend that she shouldn’t appear … Continue Reading

I love coffee. I don’t mean that in the generic way that most Portlanders say, “I love coffee.”  I mean that I refuse to get out of bed until someone brings me a cup of coffee. Fit the paper cone … Continue Reading

Ian Jackson

Hey, can we stop treating teenagers like they’re nuts, dishonest, or predatory?

Where did this COME from? I’ve taught a lot of middle and high school kids here in the Portland metro area and this seems to be one of … Continue Reading

Here in Sellwood, we’re getting a new groovy organic non-GMO food store, the Moreland Pantry.  My neighbors and I were all excited about this.  Then we learned that the owner had posted on her Facebook page that she believes homosexuality … Continue Reading

Have you heard about the “Hobby Lobby” case now before the Supreme Court?

Here’s the question: If an aspect of health care violates an employer’s religious beliefs, should they be able to deny those aspects of health care to their … Continue Reading

Oregon State Seal

Two influential Oregon civic leaders point to the recent legislative special session as an example of how lawmakers with divergent views and agendas can plow their way to political compromise — even if just barely.

Public opinion researcher Adam Davis … Continue Reading


Listen up PRP fans… there is a movement afoot! As we at Portland Radio Project joined in our mission to reconnect radio with our community, director Kevin McKinney was putting the final touches on CORPORATE FM, an award-winning documentary … Continue Reading

B Corp Map

Oregon businesses will soon be able to legally organize not just as non-profits or for-profits, but also as BENEFIT CORPORATIONS. That means, instead of allowing profit to trump all other interests (which Oregon law dictated until now), companies … Continue Reading