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Drop-In Session with Edna Vazquez

Singer-songwriter Edna Vazquez finds music inspiration in many forms: Memories of her grandfather, the stories of others, and many areas of the human experience. Jamie Drakos spoke with Edna about her musical inspiration among other topics on our latest Drop-In Session.

Edna Vazquez is a Mexican-born musician who fearlessly explores human emotion with her powerful voice and lyrical talent. In this session, Jamie speaks with Edna about her experience in creating music during a pandemic, working as a solo artist and as part of Portland’s legendary Pink Martini, as well as her journey to becoming a musician.

While some struggled for inspiration during the pandemic, the emotions Edna felt helped her creativity blossom. In this interview, you’ll hear two Edna Vazquez tracks, “Pajarillo Soñador” and “Liberal.” Edna describes the story behind each song and why she felt compelled to create them.

Edna will hit the stage Sunday July 11 at the Lot at Zidell Yards.   Tickets are still available so grab them NOW!

To hear more of Edna’s music, you can find her entire discography here as well as on Bandcamp.

Listen to the full interview below.

Host, Co-Producer and Engineer: Jamie Drakos
Co-Producer and Audio Editor: Veronica Bisesti
~Drop-In Sessions are funded by the Autzen and Collins Foundations~
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