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Join us this Sunday, July 19th at 4 PM for another episode of Culture Hub PDX, the latest addition to PRP’s Podcast Co-op, where host Veronica Bisesti explores compelling social topics and urgent cultural events affecting the Portland community.

In this episode, we speak with the leaders of Portland’s music industry about the future of our independent music venues. Independent venues are the fabric of Portland’s music culture, providing a powerful platform for emerging and independent artists, and connecting live acts to thousands of fans, at an affordable rate. With venues at risk for permanent closure due to the COVID-19 shutdown, our guests talk about what’s needed – and what’s being done, including emergency state funding – to save them.


Jim Brunberg – is the founder and co-owner of Mississippi Studios and Revolution Hall. He also writes, composes, and produces music for film and radio. Jim is the leading voice amongst the local music venue owners, who established the Independent Venue Coalition, and brought them together as a united front in the appeal for federal funds.

Meara McLaughlin – is the Executive Director at Music Portland, a trade association, which advocates on behalf of independent music eco-system in Portland. Meara has been keeping a close eye on the local music industry and the devastating impacts that have been felt across the local music world due to COVID-related closures.

Lori Hughes Killen – former booker for McMenamins and most recently Director of Music Curation for Artichoke Community Music. She also serves on the MusicPortland Policy Council, which advises the City Council on “policies to save, support, and strengthen Portland’s music scene.”

Malachi Graham – Portland-based independent musician who broke out onto the local music scene with her first EP Selfish in 2015. Since then, she has joined forces with Ryan Linder, to form a synth-pop duo Small Million.

After the episode airs live, you will be able to play it on demand here.


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