For our latest Community Voices segment, we featured fellow WW Give!Guide participant Ethos Music Center.

Ethos is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides music lessons, multicultural performances, and outreach to thousands of students each year. They partner with and listen to students, families, and community advocates to collaboratively identify and remove a variety of barriers to music education. 

Community Engagement Program Director, Adrian Leyva and Development Coordinator, Paul Floding gave us some background on the formation of Ethos Music Center and why their sliding scale music lessons and facilitation of music outreach programs for students in Oregon’s underserved rural and urban areas is crucial for our arts & culture community.  By ensuring availability of arts & culture related opportunities, Ethos is helping to usher in the next generation of musicians and creators.

Please take a few moments to listen to our conversation (below) and consider supporting the efforts of this wonderful organization.  Whether it’s with a donation to their Give!Guide campaign or possibly providing them with that guitar that’s been gathering dust, any way that we as a community can support Ethos helps to support our community’s youth.

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