We were joined by Five Oaks Museum Co-Directors Molly Alloy and Rachel Brumit for our latest Community Voices episode.

Since their founding in 1956 as the Washington County Historical Society, Five Oaks Museum has worked to preserve the artifacts and narratives that define the Tualatin Valley’s unique place in the world. By collaborating with others to explore how art, culture and history shape the past and influence the future, they help visitors connect to a collective local history made up of community voices and the important stories they tell.

They have an amazing VIRTUAL event happening Thursday May 2nd…

The 4th Annual Five Oaks Museum Showcase will be a lively virtual event featuring local stories and art to celebrate the museum’s groundbreaking exhibitions, educational materials and programs, and the incredible community leaders who bring their work to life.

Get more info by listening to our segment below, grab tickets to their showcase and experience this wonderful evening of storytelling from the comfort of your own home!

Veronica Bisesti