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Tasty Tuesday: Karel Vitek of Tabor

“I did not want to be buried, and I smelled opportunity,” said Karel Vitek, owner of the food cart “Tabor,” when asked why he left what was then Czechoslovakia to emigrate to the United States. After time in New York City and Boise, Idaho, Karel (pronounced Kah-REL) settled here in Portland, in 1986. Karel’s journey from Plzen to Portland is quite a story, which he tells in this edition of Tasty Tuesday.

Rebecca Webb and Steven Shomler also learn about Tabor cuisine, where the Czech Republic meets Hungary and Austria.

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Karel’s signature dish is the Schnitzelwich, a lightly breaded, pan-seared  pork loin in a toasted ciabatta roll, garnished with caramelized onions, cart-made horseradish, ajvar spread and lettuce.


The Kingwich, Karel’s latest menu addition, is an Oregon-grown  filet mignon in a toasted ciabatta roll, slathered in organic arugula and aoli made from German mustard and sour cream.

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Tabor’s food is full of flavor and texture.You’ll find Tabor  at S.W. 5th and Stark, in downtown Portland. Listen to the podcast:

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