Important news for fans, friends and supporters of Portland Radio Project: we’re moving our antenna, so please pardon our dust!

PRP will be off the air for up to two hours Tuesday, June 28, at 9:00 pm, while engineers Kent Randles and Chris Arnesen move our transmitter and related equipment from our old tower location at Benson High School to our new antenna location atop the historic Weatherly Building in S.E. PDX.

(As you may know, Benson is among the local high schools undergoing a bond-funded upgrade for Portland Public Schools, with construction imminent. So we’ll be broadcasting from the 12th Floor Penthouse of the Weatherly Building going forward. Many thanks to our friends at KBPS for a great five-year partnership!)

If you stream PRP, the move won’t affect your listening pleasure, but if you listen at 99.1 FM, it may. The engineers say our signal range will shift slightly South, so if you notice reception problems, we strongly recommend you switch to your laptop or phone app for all your favorite shows. Here are lots of ways to listen to PRP!

While on site prepping for installation on a 95 degree day, Kent took some cool pic’s: view of antenna mounted on the penthouse; “artsy-fartsy” shot of the antenna (on loan from XRAY, which will be joining us soon at Weatherly).


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