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Always time for The Blues to build up our spirits and let music overcome not subject to us to adversity. Saturday Joe brought in the right man for the job. Singer, songwriter and storyteller, Doug MacLeod.




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Naomi Sparrow and Rob Stroup leave no doubt that everything they do in their separate and together lives has an incredible depth of meaning. And we are the beneficiaries of their passion for writing and creating music.



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Over many years of cultivating a personal style with fiddle, guitar, voice and as songwriter, side player and with her own band, emerges Bones Will Last, Kathryn’s fourth full-length album.






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Kory proves to us that music has the power to offer understanding and even hope with his newest release, Black Gold Blues. Fully charged with political issues we are facing today. It’s time.



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Melville lead vocalist, Ryan T Jacobs, has been offering up a special Valentine’s show for a while now. They call it “Under the Covers”. Ryan joined up with Saturday Joe to lay out the story and play some music.

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You listen to us, now we’re listening to you.

When do you listen? How do you listen? This short, five question survey will help us grow and evolve as your favorite radio station.

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Portland is such a great six-degrees-of-separation town. In every way. Musically, culturally, foodie-way. Robin Jackson got the invite to join Joe Barrett for his aptly named “Musicians Waking Up Far Too Early” Saturday Joe segment. Turns out we had much … Continue Reading

There’s quite a sweet community in Portland that devotes itself to fiddling, western swing and country-styled sounds. As Saturday Joe and I discovered, there is not one cynical bone in the body of Aarun and Jonathan.


The Well-Swung Music

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It’s not every day we get artists dropping in all the way from Long Island. Saturday Joe welcomed Zuli in for a nice bit of playing and talking about life on the road. Plenty to savor along the way.

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The Secret Sea washed up on Portland shores just 3 months ago from Tel Aviv. They have a thriving indie-folk scene there, in Israel. And now we have an ambassador in the person of Amit Erez.

3 Leg Torso’s Courtney Von Drehle and Béla Balogh brought their charming and really lovely new Christmas album to Saturday Joe for a preview. Two years in the making and with guest vocalists making spirits bright, this can easily … Continue Reading