Drop-In Session: Robin Jackson

Portland is such a great six-degrees-of-separation town. In every way. Musically, culturally, foodie-way. Robin Jackson got the invite to join Joe Barrett for his aptly named “Musicians Waking Up Far Too Early” Saturday Joe segment. Turns out we had much in common. Good conversation. Great laughs. Enjoy.



Talk about being true to Joe’s Drop-In Session segment. Robin admitted to us, as he arrived, that it had been a late, late night, so he was feeling disheveled but looking just fine in our eyes on this Saturday morning.




One of the perks of our path here at Portland Radio Project is to have our lives intersect with just about anybody we want to meet up with and then share that trip with our community. In this case it’s the uber-talented Robin we invited in and who readily admits he is “too passionate about life”…which is “a double-edged sword of awesomeness”.  Check out Robin’s bio, upcoming show details and of of course, our session podcast, below. We covered everything from writing, to grief, to living life! And to Robin’s very special camp for kids.


Robin Jackson has told fantastic cabaret tales with Vagabond Opera and blasted out the jams with The March Fourth Marching Band and The Everyone Orchestra when not giving up the funk, teaching voice workshops, or belting out epic arrangements of rock favorites in a myriad of other projects and obsessions. With a degree in ethnomusicology and an unflagging musical curiosity, Jackson has lived and busked around the world, from an intentional beach community in New Zealand to the streets of Europe. He is a master of a myriad of instruments, from saxophone to mbira and played with everyone from Gogol Bordello to Amanda Palmer to The Decembrists.   An award-winning songwriter, teacher, activist, and spirited impresario, Jackson has built on his colorful, bohemian upbringing and dedicated himself to creating and supporting music around Portland, Or where he lives on an urban farm with his cat and a circus.







The Joy Now Arts Project details are HERE.




The next in the Diva Series is coming up 4/22/2016.


This is a very special night. Robin Jackson (Vagabond Opera/M4 Marching Band) and the connsumate band of musicalistas bring their Americana Jazzy Gypsy indie folk mess for a fun and mischevious evening. Our partner in crime tonight is The Colin Trio – a super sultry bluesy, jazzish, rock your soul group that will make your heart crack open!



Sophie Bloch – Violin and vocals

Matty Voth – Bass

Barra Brown- Drums and percussion

Justin Chase – Piano, Guitar

Robin Jackson – vocals, horns, guitar


Colin Hogan – Vocals/Piano and Guitar

Brian Link – Bass

Matt Ramsdell – Drums


Friday, April 22nd

Doors 8:30pm

Show 9pm sharp



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