Always time for The Blues to build up our spirits and let music overcome not subject to us to adversity. Saturday Joe brought in the right man for the job. Singer, songwriter and storyteller, Doug MacLeod.






The new record, Break the Chain, was created at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California.

A prolific singer, songwriter, engaging storyteller, and masterful guitarist, Doug is a perennial Blues Music Award nominee and multiple Blues Music Award winner including Acoustic Artist Of The Year and Acoustic Album of the Year. An active touring artist, MacLeod supports his beloved St. Louis Cardinals during baseball season and, when at home, enjoys cooking for wife Patti Joy.



Doug MacLeod and Joe Barrett



So many ideas and words to live by as Saturday Joe and Doug McLeod take the new album out for a first listen and Doug takes us behind the scenes of how the record was born, collaboratively, with his singer-songwriter son, Jessy MacLeod. And Saturday Joe poses a few important questions of Doug. Among them? Since Doug travels across the country and the world so much, where’s the best place for food? Listen in!











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