Here’s something that might surprise you. Oregonians are just like Texans. Hold on to your hat and let me clarify that statement.

When it comes to the choice of staying or leaving the state where they live, people in Oregon … Continue Reading

Keep Portland Unique. There’s a headline that just doesn’t read right.

But, our city’s inimitable catchphrase almost wasn’t. Really.

Adding to the weirdness, our famous aphorism (weird word) was inspired by a similar slogan that originated in the capital city … Continue Reading

According to Beyond Pesticides, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., the City of Eugene, Oregon became the first community in the nation to specifically ban from city property the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, which have scientifically … Continue Reading

Oregon opens its medical marijuana registration program Monday at 8:30 am. Dispensaries are already legal, but had no state recognition until now. They’re still subject to local government bans, and the state won’t offer protection should the federal government come … Continue Reading

JP Morgan Chase stockholder Michael C. Davidson is trying to get the Securities and Exchange Commission to approve his proposal to break the bank up. If the SEC allows it, the proposal will go to the bank’s shareholders. JPMorgan is … Continue Reading

The parents of a Portland bicyclist killed in a 2012 accident downtown have settled their wrongful death suit against a truck company. Quality Custom Distribution Services and its parent company, Golden State Foods agreed to pay the parents of Kathryn … Continue Reading

Not many local venues can say they have 100 years under their belts, but then again not many Portland landmarks have the rich heritage of the Crystal Ballroom.

The Many Lives of the Crystal Ballroom

Tim Hills’ “The Continue Reading

Depending upon your point of view, this could be amazingly good luck, or incredibly bad.  Just before 1:00 p.m. Saturday, the Duke family of S.E. Portland heard a giant cracking sound, followed by a big boom. What felt like an … Continue Reading

CNN is posing the question this morning, after United Van Lines found – in its annual migration study – that Oregon was the number one destination for people who moved from one state to another last year. We replaced Washington, … Continue Reading

Did you get a robocall from Cover Oregon over the weekend? If so, it could mean your application won’t be processed in time for health coverage Jan. 1. Brent Hunsberger reports for the Oregonian that pre-recorded calls went out saying, … Continue Reading

Crab fishermen are bringing their pots to port along the Oregon Coast starting this morning, as a delayed crab season finally gets underway. Until now, the fresh crab you could buy at grocery stores (if you could afford it) was … Continue Reading

Madison Root got her braces after all. She’s the 11-year-old girl who got evicted this weekend from Saturday Market for selling mistletoe without a permit. Trying to raise money to help pay for braces, Madison was told she could beg … Continue Reading

Taking the Portland Timbers from (one of the) worst to (nearly) first was quite a feat, and manager Caleb Porter is being hailed for the accomplishment. Major League Soccer (the MLS) has declared Porter 2013 Coach of the Year. In … Continue Reading

A Salem high school teacher is being honored this week as the best in Oregon at teaching an embattled topic: civics. You know: what it means to be an active citizen in a democracy. The Classroom Law Project, which … Continue Reading

Street Roots. Photo credit: Claudia Brown

You’ve probably seen a Street Roots vendor. Maybe you’ve walked by the homeless man; perhaps you’ve pulled a dollar out of your pocket and bought the scrappy little Portland newspaper.

Executive Director Israel Bayer describes the paper’s mission:

“We’ve been … Continue Reading

One of Portland’s major roads is the subject of a public chat today.

Reporter Anne Griffin of the Oregonian encourages anyone who lives, works or regularly travels along Powell Boulevard in Southeast Portland to participate in a live discussion today … Continue Reading

Timbers Fan

The Portland Timbers are on fire — and so are their fans. What makes the Timbers Army electric? PRP’s Matt Workman has been checking it out. Listen in below:



TIFO Etiquette — Unspoken Rules

There are many spoken … Continue Reading

Peggy's Garden

Source: Tyler Francke, The Newberg Graphic

Fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner. It’s a time when garden projects are usually far from the minds of intrepid homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.

However, according to Pukhraj Deol, an … Continue Reading

Source: Eric Mortenson, Capital Press

Go ahead, Hawaii, open that container. We got you something really special this year, and a Christmas tree to go with it. That’s right, just what you’ve always wanted: Slugs and yellow jackets!

To spare … Continue Reading

Southern Oregon University

Source: David Nogueras, Oregon Public Broadcasting

The faculty union at Southern Oregon University is reacting to news that the school plans to cut programs and staff in order to fill a $4 million budget shortfall by the year 2015.

Board … Continue Reading