Many people scoff at Thanksgiving. It is, after all, a National holiday founded on one of the most notorious atrocities in human history, gloried by the tradition of overeating and overspending. It’s easy to be jaded.

Ken Derouchie is not jaded. Instead he celebrates his blessings every year by heading up the Ken DeRouchie Band Food Drive for the Oregon Food Bank. His goal this year is to raise 5,000 lbs of food and 1,000 in financial contributions.

Listening to Ken speak passionately about this cause reminded us that there is always a reason to give thanks; that it’s easy to be jaded and do nothing, but once you take a moment, or a day, to appreciate the world and the people around you it’s impossible to not want to give back. After all, those blessings aren’t going to count themselves.

Was that a little naggy? That felt a little bit naggy. Allow me to make up for it with some good news. Even though Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and your time has been consumed with work, meal preparation, and financial stress, you still have time to give back! Visit to see a list of businesses where you can drop off food and other nonperishable items to go to the Oregon Food Bank. You KNOW you’re not going to eat that can of tuna with all the leftovers you’ll be facing. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.