Songwriting in its purest form comes from the heart, is unapologetic, and can transcend genres. Chris Margolin and The Dead Bird Collection is a project that embodies these traits and has no reservations when it comes to being vulnerable. Vocal powerhouse and project founder Chris Margolin joined me on the show to talk about his early influences, songwriting process, and his evolution as an artist.2016-09-01-20-48-06
During our broadcast Chris spoke candidly about past relationships, current issues, and the struggle to find peace with the past. As we listened to the playlist throughout the night our listeners got a taste of some of Chris’s earlier influences like Finger Eleven and Our Lady Peace. In the second hour we played two of Chris’s singles, “Blood Runs Dry” and “Fume” which are off his latest release. The highlight of the evening for me was to have Chris’s powerful live performances during our second hour.
Be sure to check out Chris Margolin and The Dead Bird Collection HERE!