Liz Vice: Tour Prep, Recycling and Independence

We started the day in workout clothes. But more like the let’s wear this cos it’s so comfortable and still looks less lazy. Our excuse? Liz Vice, is coming from a class at the gym so were dressed in solidarity. But don’t worry; we’re not working out today.


Liz arrives soon after, radiating a post-workout glow.
We make a note to send her an email later asking about her workout routine. She has nailed the annoying glow most of us dream to have. And like some…(hopefully most), we must know the workout secrets of the woman who sold out the White Eagle after playing the main stage at Pickathon. Is it Pilates or Sweatin’ to the Classics that will drive this woman on her upcoming national tour?!
This is not Liz’s first time with us on PRP and conversation seamlessly flows from her adamant recycling and composting practices to adjusting to working with management instead of…well, doing what she wants when she wants. The phrase “I don’t like to be told what to do” comes up several times. You can practically hear us nodding in vehement empathy with this sentiment. We discuss the ever changing line between being stubborn-as-a-mule and trusting your intuition as a musician and a businessperson. Despite the precarious balancing act going on, Liz does not seem in the least bit hesitant about her path or direction.

Liz Vice is a 32-year-old woman who has been doing this on her own. No longer an island, but still autonomous, Liz is forging her own path on her own terms.

These terms include her hometown. As secure as Liz is on her path, she is just as adamant about recognizing the community she grew up in, and not at all shy about voicing what her Portland family means to her.

“At the end of the day, when I’m coming home from tour, I’m coming Home, to the people who know me, love me, have cried with me.”

Liz Vice: She’ll dropkick you if you don’t recycle properly.


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