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Swooning Over Amber Sweeney

Amber Sweeney is not shy with her advice to fellow singer-songwriters: Work hard, play nice with others, be a friendly and wonderful person. Practice.

Solid advice from a woman who has been playing her guitar since she was six years old and who recorded professionally at 15.

“The kind of education I got before I was 18 years old is what people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for.”

Sweeney has collected mentors through the years who have shared their experience with her, from equipment maintenance and songwriting to connecting with her fans and colleagues.  “Any live show is about connecting with the audience.”

Her love for for people and experience serve her well as she has taken the helm of her own ship throughout the years. She describes being a team leader as one of the bigger challenges of being a self-made musician.

Amber lends her talents and capabilities to more than just her own music. Every Monday 1-4pm you can hear Amber’s unique voice right here on Portland Radio Project.  Tune in to Portland Radio Project and click the link below to hear the interview and get some serious insight into the realities of being a self-made musician.


amber sweeney

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