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Photo by Teri Briggs

Wednesday’s Portland’s Playlist show was a night of laughter with #DropInSession guests, Fox and Bones, and videographer, Michael Nipper. Fox and Bones is the new “conceptual folk collaboration between Sarah Vitort and Just People’s, Scott Gilmore. Formed in early 2016, the project “follows the adventures of the two title characters (Fox and Bones) as their explorations of the modern world expose the vast potential of their inner landscape.” Drawing on the playful nature of the duo that has a fondness for costumes, Sarah sported an auburn wig and fox ears.

The first hour was spent listening to their musical influences. Sarah’s encompassed Elle King, Joni Mitchell, The Band Perry, James Taylor and Zac Brown, while Scott’s included Animal Liberation Orchestra, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Peter Gabriel, and one from his all-time favorite album, “Graceland” by Paul Simon. Sarah reminisced over James Taylor’s, “You Can Close Your Eyes,” as this was a song her Dad sang her to sleep with. Taylor is her number one influence from childhood. Both Scott and Sarah had fond childhood memories of listening to Bonnie Raitt. Sarah and her sister danced in the living room to Raitt, while Scott told us his Mom played her music over and over. Any time he hears a Raitt song, he instantly thinks of his parents.


Photo by Teri Briggs

For the second hour, music from their individual projects was played as well as four LIVE Fox and Bones tracks. One of those, “Here,” will be recorded at The Hallowed Halls in a couple of weeks. This pretty song is one easily imagined at a wedding, with lyrics “If however we get lost, we’ll find each other here.”


Photo by Teri Briggs

They have recently released a video to their song, “Warm” which was filmed and edited by Michael Nipper, and recorded live at The Hallowed Halls by Justin Phelps. This video is brilliant in its simplicity. From the dim lighting, to seating Sarah and Scott across from one another, it really showcases the beauty of the song and the relationship of the artists in a way that draws the viewer completely in. Their two voices meld so perfectly together that you never want to stop listening. You can view the video here,

They were excited to announce that they will be embarking on a three week European tour in mid November with dates in Austria, Germany and Switzerland to be announced in the next several months. This also means that their debut E.P. will be pushed up to early August.


Photo by Teri Briggs

While Fox and Bones is a new band, the artists bring to it a wealth of experience from their other projects. They started writing music together via Facebook and had half of their first song written before they ever met in person. Once they met, an instant connection was born both on and off the stage. This relationship has enhanced both of their individual bands with new inspirations for music as well as shared information that has helped them on the business side. Fox and Bones may be brand new but from what we’ve heard so far, this is a band that will be around for some time. They have three shows coming up and we highly recommend you see at least one, if not all:

The Birk – April 23rd @ 7:00pm

The Portland Sound showcase at The White Eagle, with Corner and Wren De Vous – April 24th @7:00pm

Jade Lounge – April 29th @ 8:00pm

Sarah and Scott have both been featured on Portland Radio Project with their own bands and you can find those podcasts at,, You can find more information on their respective bands at, and


Photo by Teri Briggs

You can find Fox and Bones at: