After releasing her debut record in the summer of 2015, Sarah Vitort has been busy with shows, forming her band, and opening a new chapter in her musical journey. She sat down with Luke Neill to discuss her departure from corporate America, travels to South America, and treated our listeners to a live performance.
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During the interview Sarah expressed the importance of meditation, being true to your art, and self discovery. She spoke about a life of change and the moment she realized she was unhappy with living the way she was told to live. Sarah’s powerful voice filled our studio as she performed three new songs for us. The talk board was lighting up with praise and support from her fans. Between the live songs Sarah opened up about the sources of her inspiration and how her songs came to be.

Enjoy our candid interview and Sarah’s dynamic performance!



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I am originally from Arizona, where over many years, I played in several different independent bands in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. I put in many, many hours of grassroots-style promotion in order to get my bands heard. I am excited to be a part of Portland Radio Project where I can provide an avenue to local Portland musicians to share their art.
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