Hello from the UK! 

For the next few months, I—Past Future Present host, Penelope—will be studying abroad in England. My distance from Portland leaves me at a loss for the amazing local bands in the states, but I am glad to say there is so much good music happening on this big island that is the United Kingdom. Here, I’ll share some of what I’ve been listening to locally: in London, York (where I’m studying!), and all the surrounding areas. 

Elephant Tree is a band serving up some addicting alternative rock that I’ve been listening to since arriving. Although they haven’t released anything new since 2020, my fingers are still crossed. They also perform live in the London area! 

Another great group around London are called The Dead Pirates. I love to give them a good listen if I’m feeling homesick; their production style is reminiscent of that special Pacific Northwest, gloomy alternative sound that everyone knows and loves. 

Fontaines D.C. is an alternative rock band taking over the UK right now. Interestingly, I saw them open for Arctic Monkeys over at the Moda Center back in September and had no idea about them! Since arriving, I hear them everywhere: playing in the Urban Outfitters, getting covered by local musicians on the street, and in my own headphones walking to school. They are based in Dublin, and will tour around Europe this summer, giving me a great reason to return after moving back home.

As far as live shows go, the lineup of bands coming to London are endless. Air, Buzzcocks, and The Jesus and Marychain, are a small sample size of what’s on. We’ll see how lucky I get in snagging some tickets! 

The most perfect cocktail bar in York is called The Evil Eye Lounge, and they host open mic nights every Thursday. A group called The Attention Seekers are frequent performers, and do amazing covers of all kinds of rock. The night I stopped by, there were amazing renditions of tracks from Radiohead to Robyn.

As the months go by, I trust that there will be tons more local artists to discover and share in a place so rich with music history. That’s all from me for now! 

Keep local music alive and tune in to PRP for the best of the best. xx

Penelope Misceo