Thanks to Cameron Lavi-Jones and Anthony Briscoe, Black & Loud Fest is hitting the Bossanova Ballroom stages April 6th and we’re in mosh pit heaven! We’re so grateful they took time out of a busy promotion and travel schedule to drop by Sounds of PDX and give us the scoop on all things Black & Loud.

Black & Loud Fest celebrates the long lineage of Black artists that have strapped on a guitar and raised their fist to the sky.  A lineage that is not often recognized let alone honored in a genre of music predominantly white male focused – alternative rock.   The awesome part?  EVERYONE is invited to the Black & Loud Fest party!

Anthony, of the #soulpunk band Down North, and Cameron, from #afropunk King Youngblood, co-founded this event in Seattle and with a little help from their friends (we see you Jack Daniel’s), were able to successfully take this festival on the road further showcasing #pnw artists AND the contribution of Black fronted bands & solo artists in the alternative rock space.

The line-up – THE LINE-UP! – is spectacular… Dr Madd Vibe and the Missin’ Links (AKA Angelo Moore of Fishbone…YES you read that right!), The OBGMS, Splinterhead, Terra Nobody, Kingsley, Aaron Nigel Smith plus more…and of course Down North and King Youngblood.   Wow!

Take a listen to our interview – at the time of posting we’re still giving away pairs of tickets to our PRP listeners (email to score a pair) – and we will see you there 🤘🏽

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