CNN is posing the question this morning, after United Van Lines found – in its annual migration study – that Oregon was the number one destination for people who moved from one state to another last year. We replaced Washington, D.C., which had held the top spot for five years. Lifestyle appears to be a key factor in the continuing migration to the Pacific Northwest – as young professionals and retirees are “drawn to amenities like public transit, green space and the local arts and entertainment scene.” So says UCLA economist Michael Stoll, analyzing the report.

Behind Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Nevada were the top places to move to. Stoll cited “business incentives, industrial growth and relatively lower costs of living are attracting jobs and people to Southeastern and Western states,” like South Dakota, Colorado and Texas.”

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  1. Cohousing Guy
    Cohousing Guy says:

    Another driver is beginning to be climate change, as we are starting to hear from many people outside of Oregon interested in our cohousing project. It’s partly because of extreme weather conditions elsewhere. Here come the Climate Refugees!


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