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Veronika Levytska  and Ian Levytsky grew up in Ukraine but dreamed of an easier life – away from the shadow of Russia – for themselves and their loved ones. In 2018, after years of waiting, they found freedom and opportunity here in the U.S. on the East Coast shores of a Connecticut town. But their loved ones remain in harms way. How do they hold both in their hands? Their own happiness and their desire for their family members to enjoy the same?

Many Roads to Here is a production of The Immigrant Story. This episode was produced by Fran Silverman. Our audio editing was done by Greg Palmer. The original interview was conducted by Fran Silverman at the New Haven Public Library, which has graciously provided us space.

This episode is made possible by a generous contribution from the Zidell Family Foundation.

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Original post written by Fran Silverman.