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Welcome to The Immigrant Story Live, where we feature stories from the stage. In each episode of this new series we weave together three stories that were originally performed at an Immigrant Story Live Event.

For episode two of this series, you’ll hear from three storytellers — Ghassan Bin Hammam, Rama Youssef, and Meghna Damani – who each found themselves trapped in situations they never could have expected.

A warning to our listening, this episode contains descriptions of violence and suicidal ideation, so please take care while listening.

Many Roads to Here is a production of The Immigrant Story. This episode was produced by Degen Larkin. Audio editing was done by Gregg Palmer. Music was sourced from Soundstripe. Graphics for this episode were designed by Jacqueline Pagano. Our executive producer is Sankar Raman.

Many thanks to Alton Takiyama-Chung and Nancy Dollahite for coaching our fabulous storytellers. This episode is made possible by a generous contribution by the Zidell Family Foundation.

To view the films Meghna Damani discusses in today’s episode you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram @megdamani

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Original post written by Degen Larkin.