Newsweek is out with a scathing story that accuses Kentucky’s two conservative senators of a scheme to stick the Bonneville Power Administration – and hence Northwest electricity customers – with an unnecessarily large bill for a product it didn’t need. The magazine reports Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul required the BPA to pay $700 million for uranium fuel – even though it had no need for the uranium. The net effect was to needlessly drain money from people and companies in the Northwest, and to prop up businesses in Kentucky. It’s a remarkable story.



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  1. Gary Jarvis
    Gary Jarvis says:

    This is a tremendously important article, and to answer succinctly, Jim summed it up perfectly in his previous comment post. Hopefully all readers will go to the source article that Rebecca used for her news story… Business as usual in our out-of-control (except for “patronage”) pork-barrel politics… The best summation of the entire article (use link to read the entirety) was the quote toward the end… “Christopher E. Paine, a nuclear specialist at the National Resources Defense Council, an environmental group, isn’t impressed by that bookkeeping magic. ‘This was not a business deal,” he says. “It was exactly like the old Soviet deals in the days of Soviet central planning.'”

    Gary Jarvis
    Sweet Home


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