Attention PRP fans! Albina Community Bank is supporting nonprofits with proceeds from its LOOP Visa Card – and you can help us get on the list of recipients.

From the Albina website:

“We want to hear from you about where you think our program donations should go!  We invite you to click on the link to cast your vote.  Voting closes at 5:00 pm on Friday, November 13th – and we’ll announce the organizations you’ve selected just in time for Giving Tuesday.”

You don’t have to be an Albina customer, nor be a LOOP card-holder, to cast your vote for commercial-free rock/folk/blues and weekend jazz – from the station that plays a local artist every 15 minutes.

And, join us for a special week of Community Voices, November 16-20, when we’ll profile several of the other nonprofits in Albina’s LOOP campaign.


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