Homelessness in Portland, one of America’s most “livable” cities, is an emergency, according to Portland officials. What’s not clear is why the situation is only now being officially considered a crisis, when the number of people sleeping on Portland streets is reportedly about the same number as were homeless in 2007.

According to in-depth reporting by The Oregonian/OregonLive senior writer and editor Anna Griffin, homelessness nationwide has declined 11 percent following a partnership between federal and local leaders who launched a national movement to get people off the streets nearly a decade ago. For some reason, or perhaps for many reasons, the plans, programs and public meetings have had less success here. Nearly 2,000 people – including elderly, women and children – are living outdoors in Portland.

Friday, October 16, a panel of top experts on homelessness joined hosts Rebecca Webb and Mark Grimes on Biz503 to discuss the state of street-level poverty in Portland, its impact on individuals and local businesses, and potential solutions being offered by a growing coalition of concerned citizens and agencies.

Guests included:

Ed Blackburn, Executive Director, Central City Concern

Israel Bayer, Executive Director, Street Roots

Jes Larson, Director, Welcome Home Coalition

Michelle Cardinal, local business owner, R2C Group

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