PRP features News By Bike — but this could change everything by bike: FlyKly — the electric bike startup out of New York — has reinvented the wheel. Literally.

Its new Smart Wheel can be attached to just about any bike, making the commute much more achievable for many more people — making an ordinary bike into an electric bike, boosting pedal power just when it’s needed: up hills and in traffic.

It’s a potentially important invention, since future air pollution, gas consumption, and commuting affordability could all be altered instantly — by making bike commuting more feasible for more people.

PRP’s own bike commuter, Leann Warren, puts it this way, “It’s not big and clunky like many current e-bikes. It allows you to still use your bike as a regular bike when you want. It recharges itself on downhills — how awesome is that?” The Smart Wheel has a built-in tracking system in case, “some numbskull steals your bike, and charges your phone while you ride!” Leann has a question, though, “Does it brew coffee, too?”

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