There was, in the PRP studio this morning. Dr. Goon, to be exact: a Gladstone 24-year-old, also known as Gordon Peterson. He dropped in to tell us about coming out on top of a rap contest that will take him to New Orleans – courtesy of Portland Trail Blazer Damian Lillard.

Peterson, who has emerged as a fierce competitor on Lillard’s Instagram-based freestyle hip-hop contest 4 BAR FRIDAY, is one of eight aspiring hip-hoppers from across the country hand-picked to compete at the next level: the first national meetup.

Lillard will be there. After competing in his fifth (a record) NBA All Star event, the NBA Rookie of the Year will host up-and-coming rappers at “Battle in New Orleans,” set for Friday afternoon.

Here, Gordon Peterson performs, “When I Grow Up,” which made its radio debut Thursday morning on


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