Asia Wagner has recently caught up with Portland-based trumpeter, composer, improviser, and teacher Cyrus Nabipoor about his recent move back to Portland, his creative process, and his upcoming debut album “Live at the Marigny Opera House”.

Nabipoor, who grew up in Portland, started playing trumpet at 11. He graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Music from Loyola University in New Orleans.  He quickly established himself as a well-rounded and prominent musician, composer, and collaborator. Some of his more notable achievements include co-creation of electronic-jazz band NORUZ and frequent partnership with Portland beat-making duo Korgy & Bass.

The greatest achievement yet, however, might be the release of his debut album “Live at the Marigny Opera House”. The 10-track record is set for release on October 23rd, with a couple of singles already available to the public.

Listen to the artist speak about the record, the creative process, as well as his band members whose contributions were fundamental to the outcome.

We are so glad to have Cyrus a part of the Portland music community. His incredible talent is unmistakable and we are looking forward to watching him in the years to come.

For more information about the artist and to pre-order his album, please go to You can also follow him on Instagram at @cyborgslaya

Album art by Ida Floreak


Producer – Asia Wagner

Engineer – Veronica Bisesti

Sound Editor – Gordon Graham

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