Business can be like gardens. Tough to start, they take maintenance, and are full of surprises…but they’re also very rewarding when they grow.

Every business is different, and every entrepreneur has their own vision of success. But there are basic tenants on the road to “making it” that are valuable to learn. And there are piles of resources for startups on how to make their business blossom. In fact, a recent report by IBIS World shows that 46,700 firms provide coaching for business in the U.S. alone.

The only question is…where to start?

Join us this Friday, March 11 between 1-2 p.m., for a Biz503 episode of the Stages of Business. We’ll cover the ways a business can blossom from a small garage startup to a multi-employee enterprise. Our hosts, Mark Grimes of NedSpace and Cindy Tortorici of The Link will guide a discussion with successful Portland-based business leaders as they give advice on how to step up your business game.

Our guest this week include:

Dr. Sean Harry, expert on stages of business development and a leader at Portland Community College’s SBDC.

Richard Satnick, entrepreneur and founder of Laughing Planet Café and more recently of Dick’s Kitchen and Dick’s Primal Burger

Shobi Dahl, ex-CEO of Dave’s Killer Bread

Kedma Ough, business director at Avita Business Center and directs the SBDC at Mount Hood Community College

Andy Giegerich, digital managing editor at Portland Business Journal

Bob Kerry, CFO and co-owner at Grand Central Bakery