Incredibly, most Oregon families in poverty are working families. And, in some parts of downtown Portland, as many as 60 percent of residents have incomes below the federal poverty level.

Tent camping and sidewalk sleeping is so widespread in Portland now, that neighborhood and business groups sued the mayor and the city demanding an end to the “experiment.” The “safe sleep” policy was lifted just this August. The headlines continue to highlight Portland’s  critical homeless population. This stacks on top of other affordability issues the city is struggling with, including rising rents, education quality and access to basic needs.

That’s not to say there aren’t efforts to mend the problems. Some organizations are remarkably successful in lifting families from despair to stability. It’s those programs we’ll look into this Friday, Oct. 21, at 1 p.m. on Biz503.

Led by Rebecca Webb of PRP and Perry Gruber of Copiosis, the episode re-run will cover issues on the ground, and share the voices of the people and programs trying to make a difference. Join us at 99.1 fm in the heart of Portland, or stream online worldwide at

Our panel included:

Heather Martin, Executive Director of Classic Wines Auction

Shannon Cogan, Community Engagement Co-Manager and Board Link at Sisters of the Road Cafe

Dino Biaggi, Sustainable Families Program Manager at Birch Community Services

Duncan Campbell, Founder of Friends of the Children

Tony Hopson, Founder of Self Enhancement Inc.

Judy Strand, CEO of Metropolitan Family Service

You can listen to the encore episode here:

Or listen to the original episode below:

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