Although free-market Milton Friedman followers believe the only “social responsibility of business is to increase profits,” others disagree – and think businesses owe something back to their communities for using public resources. Luckily, there’s new evidence that doing good not only makes businesses feel good – but may help increase profits.

On this week’s Biz503, our topic is #OregoniansGive – the new statewide campaign that offers businesses and other gift-givers plenty of choices as they make end-of-year charitable decisions in the lead-up to Giving Tuesday.

Jenna Cerruti of Pritchard Communications writes: “Participating in Giving Tuesday offers nonprofits an opportunity to connect with for-profit businesses seeking an end of year giving initiative, such as a matching donation, which can lead to as much as a 51 percent increase in average donation amount. The great thing about Giving Tuesday is that it’s a nationally recognized campaign often covered each year by high-profile media outlets…making it an attractive occasion for businesses to participate.”

Why do Oregon businesses benefit from their charitable giving? Which businesses are giving – and in what ways? How is #OregoniansGive different from other”giving” campaigns?

Find out Friday, Nov. 20 on Biz503, broadcasting live in the heart of Portland at 99.1 fm – and streaming worldwide at

Our panel this week includes:

Agnes Zach, Executive Director, Willamette Valley Development Officers

Brian Carter, Co-founder, Audibility, Kickstarter link HERE

Cheryl Cebula, CEO, Albina Community Bank

Deanna Allred, Vice President/Market Manager, Albina Community Bank

Mary Edmeades, Vice President/Branch Manager/Market Manager, Albina Community Bank

Joel Gregory, Founder, Ex Novo Brewing Co.

Rick Sadle, Owner, Salvador Molly’s

Rose Gerber, Development Director, HEAT Oregon

Sean Langdon, Chief Sales Officer, Impact Flow

David Griswold, Founder and President of Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers

Listen to the podcast:

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